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Bread with cheese in the dough

Bread with cheese in the dough

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Crush the yeast in a bowl and rub it with the sugar until diluted, then add warm milk and a handful of flour.

Homogenize the mayo thus formed, cover the bowl with a towel and leave it in a warm place until the mayo will double in volume, maximum 15 minutes.

Mix the cheese, kept at room temperature, with the mayonnaise raised, add the oil and salt and begin to gradually incorporate the flour.

Knead a non-sticky and softer dough because of the cheese.

Let the dough rise, covered, until it doubles in volume, also 15 minutes.

Divide the dough into two parts and knead or roll it as desired

I braided one part into six and placed it in a bread tray, and the other part I placed in a round and detachable shape, in the form of balls.

Let the dough rise again in the trays, for 10-15 minutes, after which we will grease the dough with a little oil and sprinkle cumin seeds.

We will put the trays in the preheated oven, at 180 degrees and we will bake the breads for 40 minutes.

Some very tasty and fluffy breads come out!

Balkan Bread With Cheese

1. Put the yeast in a cup or small bowl with water and sugar and mix to dissolve. Put the rest of the dough ingredients in a large bowl. Add the yeast and combine to form a smooth dough.

2. Form a ball of dough and brush with a tablespoon of oil. Set aside in a covered bowl and allow to rise until doubled in size. This should take 1-2 hours in a warm kitchen. During this time, line a tray with baking paper.

3. Melt the butter in a large pan and add the leeks and cook for 2-3 minutes, then season with salt and pepper and leave on the fire for another 10-15 minutes until the leeks are soft. Remove from the heat and add the chilli flakes. When the leeks cool a little, mix the cheeses.

4. Transfer the dough to the prepared tray. Spread the leek mixture on top, pressing lightly, with your fingertips, into the dough. Cover with foil and let it grow again. This stage should only take about 30-40 minutes, as the leek mixture will still be hot, which should help the dough rise.

5. Preheat the oven to 220C. Once the dough has risen, it should cover most of the filling. Brush the bread with egg and sprinkle with grated cheese and paprika. Bake for 15 minutes, then reduce the heat to 200C. Bake for another 15 minutes.

6. Leave to cool in the pan for 10-15 minutes, then remove, cut into slices and serve.

Easter without dough - recipe


• 750 g of well-drained or curdled cottage cheese
• 250 ml of cream or yogurt
• 200 g of powdered sugar or stevia
• 6 eggs
• 50 g of butter
• 100 g of flour
• 60 g of semolina or vanilla pudding powder
• 150-200 g of raisins or other candied fruits
• vanilla, lemon or orange essence
• grated citrus peel


Break the eggs and put them in a large bowl. Add sugar and vanilla essence. Stir until the eggs are well beaten. then add the cheese, and mix with a spatula when you get a creamy composition.

Then add the soft butter (taken out of the fridge a few hours before) or melted, and mix until smooth. Gradually incorporate the flour and mix well.

Gradually add the semolina until well incorporated. You will get a creamy dough. Stir in the cream and finally add the raisins (they can be left to soak before in the rum).

To bake Easter, use a round shape (removable ring), previously greased with butter and lined with a little flour, or a round tray, lined with baking paper. Pour the Easter composition and level with the spatula on top.

Put the easter in the hot oven, and let it bake at 170-180 degrees Celsius, about an hour. It is ready when it turns golden in the center and brown on the edges.

Do not remove it immediately. Let it cool on the balcony overnight to coagulate well. The next day, unwrap the easter around with a knife, and then remove the ring. It is firm enough to be portioned easily and nicely. You can cut it like a cake.

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It's time for a snack

Break the rosemary needles on the branches, break the leaves on the thyme branches, set aside. In a large blender put the chilled butter, flour, Parmesan cheese and cheese mixture. Put rosemary needles and thyme leaves on top, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Turn on the blender and mix everything for 30 seconds, until all are incorporated and form a sandy dough. Pour COLD water and add the egg yolk. Press the blender a few more times, until you get a dough that tightens from the edges of the blender. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts, flatten the dough pieces with the palm of your hand so that you get 2 dough discs. Wrap the 2 dough disks in cling film and refrigerate for 1 hour.

After an hour, take out a disk of dough on the work table powdered with flour. Start and roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Spread the dough as far as you can, until it reaches the consistency of a sheet of paper. You will notice that without problems, the dough will stretch without breaking.

It will not be very elastic, but it will stretch amazingly long. I obtained a thin sheet from this dough disk, I obtained a sheet with a length of 40 cm and a width of 30 cm.

Cut the "quoted" edges of the dough so that you get a rectangle that fits into the baking tray of the stove. To make it easier for you, roll the dough sheet on the rolling pin and transfer the dough to the baking tray.

Using a rolling pin or a knife, lightly cut the dough directly into the tray, cut the biscuits to the desired dimensions. Of course I didn't throw away the edges, I baked them separately. You can put the other disk of dough in the freezer and you can make the biscuits another time (although, I doubt that this round of biscuits will be enough).

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and put the biscuit tray in the oven for 8-10 minutes, until the biscuits start and "swell" easily, brown and make some delicious bubbles!

Remove the biscuits from the pan and place them on a kitchen grill. As they cool, they become more and more fragile.

Serve plain biscuits or with sauces, dippings, cream cheese, ketch-up, caviar, hummus, or even. Beaten beans!

You can also serve them with beer or a glass of white wine. Whatever you serve them, I assure you that they are delicious!

Unbreaded Dough Bread

Mix everything and get a soft and sticky dough, cover with cling film and let it rise for. 12-18 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees.

After this time has elapsed, the dough is turned with a spatula on a board with more flour so that it does not stick, with the hands with a little flour it is given a round shape, it is left on a clean towel and sprinkled with flour, sprinkle flour on top of the dough and cover with another towel for 2 hours.

Heat the oven to 230 degrees, put a pot in the oven (ceramic would be good), with a lid to heat. Pour the dough into the hot pan, with the help of the towel and cover immediately and put in the oven, leave it covered with the lid for half an hour then take the lid off and let it brown again.

Homemade bread with potatoes in dough and a delicious cream cheese - Vlăduţ's recipe

Vlăduţ, the chef from Neatza with Răzvan and Dani, pleasantly surprised us with a very tasty and flavorful bread recipe, served with a cream cheese with a lot of greens. It is a homemade bread recipe with potatoes in dough, but the preparation method is a special one.

Homemade bread with mashed potatoes and a delicious cream cheese

Homemade potatoes with potatoes is among the preferences of many, but when the potatoes are also flavored with garlic and rosemary and cooked in the oven as Vlăduț's recipe, the homemade potatoes will be really delicious.

Homemade P & acircine recipe with potato & icircn dough and a delicious cream cheese - Ingredients:

  • For p & acircine:
  • 750 gr type 650 flour
  • 350 ml of warm water
  • 7 gr dry yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 3 potatoes, medium
  • salt and pepper
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • 3-4 sprigs of rosemary
  • 50-60 ml of olive oil
  • For cream cheese:
  • br & acircnză salted telemea
  • spreadable br & acircnză
  • sm & acircnt & acircnă
  • green onions
  • green dill

How do we prepare the homemade P & acircine recipe with potatoes & icircn dough and a delicious cream cheese?

We also take care of the potatoes that will be included in the bread dough.

We clean the potatoes, wash them well and slice them roughly. Place the icing in a pan with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper over them. Add the garlic, a few sprigs of rosemary, cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

After this interval, knead the dough, in the classic way, from flour with hot water, salt and yeast diluted with sugar.

Pass the potatoes together with the garlic and fat from the pan and incorporate the resulting puree into the peacock dough.

Let the dough rise in a warm and covered place, 45-50 minutes, then roll it in an oven tray, lined with baking paper.

Bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes at 170-180 degrees.

While the bread is baking, prepare the cream cheese. Mix the two types of br & acircnză, add the onion and dill, finely chopped and adjust the taste and texture with a little sm & acircnt & acircnă.

We serve homemade potatoes with mashed potato dough and cream cheese.

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Bread with cheese and garlic

500 gr flour
25 gr fresh yeast
100 gr butter
an egg yolk
250 ml of milk
a teaspoon of high salt
a spoonful of sugar
olive oil & # 8211 50 ml.

for anointed
60 gr butter
an egg white
100 gr kneaded, salted curd (here you can put whatever cheese you want be cheese, bellows cheese, parmesan, grated telemea, cream cheese & # 8230but I recommend choosing a drier cheese)
a teaspoon of dried oregano
a teaspoon of dried dill
a teaspoon of garlic powder

an egg to grease on top

Method of preparation
In a large bowl we put the flour, the yeast, the small pieces, the sugar, the salt and the yolk.
Heat the milk and add the diced butter. Leave for a few moments until it melts slightly then we start to add a little bit of the mixture over the flour, kneading lightly until we get an elastic dough. If it is too soft, add a little more flour and if it is too firm, add warm milk.
Knead the dough for 10 -15 minutes, gradually adding 50 ml of olive oil.
Grease with a little oil, cover the bowl with a clean napkin and leave the dough to rise in a warm place for an hour and a half & # 8211 two hours.

On the floured work table, turn the dough upside down and spread a rectangular sheet with the rolling pin.
From butter, cheese, herbs, egg white and garlic powder we make a paste that we distribute evenly, by hand, over the dough.
With a sharp knife cut the dough into squares (or rectangles, depending on the size of the tray) that we overlap obliquely leaving a few inches free of each square (it is better understood from the picture).
We lightly take the package and transfer it to the tray in which we put the baking paper.
Lightly beat an egg and grease the entire surface of the bread with a brush.
Leave for another 15 minutes in a warm place, preheat the oven and bake the bread over medium heat until it browns nicely.


520 g of flour
300 ml milk
75 ml oil
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
15 g of dry yeast
120 g of cottage cheese
1 yolk
white susan

Dissolve the yeast in a tablespoon of lukewarm milk and sugar. Leave for 10 minutes until it makes a nice foam. In a large bowl, sift the flour and make a hole in the middle in which we pour the mayonnaise, the boiled milk, the oil and the salt, then mix with a spoon. We start to knead the dough very well until it is cleaned from the walls of the bowl and no longer sticks to the hand. Place the dough in a glass bowl greased with a little oil, cover with cling film and a towel and let rise in a warm place for 45-50 minutes. Divide the dough into three equal parts. From the first part we spread a sheet from which we cut with a round shape or with the mouth of a glass circles of dough. On each we add with the teaspoon the cottage cheese. Fold each circle in half, then join the ends to form the chrysanthemum petals (as in the picture above). Do the same with the remaining two parts of the dough. Then place the petals in a round tray lined with baking paper to form the chrysanthemum. Let it rise a little more, then grease with egg yolk, sprinkle with white sesame seeds and put the tray in the hot oven for 50 minutes on the right heat. It is a very fluffy and very very good looking bread.

Dough croissants with cottage cheese - tasty and fine!

When I feel like something sweet in tea, but simple to make, I always bake these croissants out of dough with cottage cheese. Because every housewife has flour, cheese and butter in the kitchen.

I got this recipe verified over time from my mother. I think everyone knows this cheese dough, which looks like puff pastry, is prepared simply and quickly, and the croissants are eaten even faster.


-200-300 gr of flour (depending on how dry the cheese is)

-250-300 gr cow's cheese (drier)

-½ teaspoon baking soda - optional

-sugar, to taste or jam.


1.Mix the butter or cold margarine with flour until you get a crumbly dough. I recommend using frozen butter, grating it and mixing it with flour, so the process is simpler and faster.

2. Beat the egg with a pinch of salt, using a fork.

3.Add the baking soda quenched with lemon juice to the cottage cheese.

4.Mix the butter and flour crumbs with the egg and cheese, then quickly knead a dense and inhomogeneous dough.

5. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 60 minutes or in the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

6.Then divide it into 2 pieces and stretch a circle 3 mm thick.

7. Cut triangles. Sprinkle the dough sheets with a little sugar before cutting them, or put a piece of marmalade on each triangle (I had homemade apple-flavored marmalade).

8. Roll the triangles, from the base to the top, shaping the croissants.

9. Bake them at 200 ° C for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.

Easter with cheese and dough!

Today, we will try the Easter recipe with cottage cheese, which looks very interesting, unusual and is very tasty!


For the filling:

& # 8211 300 gr of cottage cheese (preferably drier)

& # 8211 2 tablespoons sugar or to taste.

For the dough:


1. In the bowl of milk, add 1 tablespoon of sugar (of the total amount), yeast and 2-3 tablespoons of flour (of the total amount). Stir in the mixture and leave the composition in a warm place for about 20 minutes, until the surface foams.

2. Mix the remaining sugar with egg and egg yolk, vanilla sugar and oil.

3. Add the activated yeast and mix the 2 compositions well.

4. Add salt to the bowl with the flour, then add the liquid ingredients and mix the dough, first with a spoon, then knead it, gradually adding the soft butter in a few steps. The final dough should be smooth and non-sticky, but not very dense.

5. Shape a ball of dough, place it in a clean bowl greased with a little oil, grease the surface of the dough with a drop of oil, cover it with a lid or food foil and put it in a warm place for about 1-1.5 hours.

Advice. You can place the bowl of dough on top of a saucepan of boiling water so that the base of the bowl does not touch the water.

6. Mix the cottage cheese with the sugar, egg and vanilla sugar.

7. Work the dough a little, divide it into 2 pieces, one bigger and one smaller.

8. Roll out the smaller piece of dough into a round tray the diameter of your baking tin.

9. Grease the base and walls of the mold (22 cm) with butter, then transfer the round worktop to it.

10. Cut the second piece of dough in half and, from both pieces, shape cords about 70-75 cm long.

11. Glue the ends of the 2 strings, then start knitting them. Place the mower around the top of the form.

12. Add the cheese filling in the middle.

13. Divide the second piece of dough in half, shape 2 thin strings, which you also cut in half. Knit 2 strings each so that you get 2 short mowers.

14. Place them on top of the filling, crossing them. We recommend that you hide the ends of the short baskets under the dough around the walls of the form.

15. If necessary, fix the ends of the cross with toothpicks and leave the Easter leaven for 20-35 minutes.

16. Grease the dough and filling with beaten egg and shape in the preheated oven to 180 ° С for 45-50 minutes.

A flavorful dough and a delicious cheese filling! It is worth trying this recipe and beautify the holiday table with an Easter cake and a tasty Easter!


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