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Donuts stuffed with meat

Donuts stuffed with meat

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I took out the seeds and the stalks of the donuts.

I mixed the minced meat with the carrot and onion given on the small grater, rice, egg, salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons of flour. I filled the donuts with the prepared meat.

I placed the donuts in a pan and put water on them. I put them to boil over medium heat. When the meat and donuts were cooked I put the tomato broth (which I mixed with 2 tablespoons of flour and -I thinned with water from the pan so that no lumps form) .I added salt to taste.

I let it boil for a while and add oregano, basil and green celery.

Donuts stuffed with meat - Recipes

In case you have some donuts and minced meat in the house, here is how you can combine them.

What you need for 6 servings (picture 1)
& # 8211 7 donuts (6 pt stuffed, 1 pt sauce)
& # 8211 300 gr minced meat (beef and pork, homemade minced preferably)
& # 8211 2 onions
& # 8211 3 tomatoes
& # 8211 2 carrots
& # 8211 1 link parsley
& # 8211 1 or
& # 8211 1 pepper
& # 8211 1 cup rice
& # 8211 100 ml oil
& # 8211 salt, pepper, chili pepper,

Work plan:
& # 8211 Finely chop the onion, peel and grate the carrot (picture 2)
-Mix in a bowl, onion, carrot, rice, chopped parsley with minced meat and whole egg. Season the mixture. Peel the tomatoes and remove the inside of the donuts, leaving no seeds. (picture 3). Fill the donuts with the minced meat mixture (picture 4)
& # 8211 Finely chop the peeled tomatoes and the remaining donut (picture 5), add them over the donuts and then pour the oil and if necessary fill with a little water (picture 6)
Bake for 45 minutes (picture 7)
& # 8211 Serve simple or with sour cream (picture 8).

Preparation time:80 minutes (including cooking time)
Price: 5 lei (may vary depending on where you take the ingredients and inflation)

Donuts stuffed with pork & # 8211 great aroma twists your mind & # 8230

Regardless of the season, stuffed donuts or bell peppers are a suitable food for any occasion. This delicious dish is specific to Romanian cuisine and is indispensable on the holiday table. Today we offer you an extremely tasty recipe for donuts stuffed with pork and corn groats. For extra flavor, the donuts are covered with cream and sprinkled with grated cheese. The stuffed donuts are delicious, with juicy filling, very appetizing and flavorful. Decorate the table with this exceptional dish!


-8 donuts (or bell peppers)

-1/2 teaspoon of lemon salt

Ingredients for the filling

-2 tablespoons corn or rice groats

-2 tablespoons chopped greens

-salt and ground black pepper

Method of preparation

1. Clean the donuts and put them in boiling salted water and lemon salt for 2-3 minutes.

2. Then put them in a strainer and let them cool.

3. Prepare filling: cut the meat into pieces and pass it through the mincer. Fry the onion in butter. Boil the rice or corn on the cob. Mix the meat, onion, grated tomatoes and boiled rice or corn on the cob and season with salt, black pepper and greens.

4. Fill the donuts with the meat filling, put them in a pan greased with oil and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, sprinkle them on top with cream, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven until ready.

5. Before serving, decorate the donuts with fresh parsley (if desired).

Recipe for stuffed peppers


  • 700 gr minced pork, turkey or chicken or mixture
  • 70 gr of rice
  • 8 & # 8211 10 bell peppers
  • 2 onions
  • 150 gr mashed tomatoes or 100 ml broth
  • ½ dill connection
  • ½ parsley link
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • A teaspoon of ground pepper
  • A teaspoon of sweet paprika
  • A teaspoon of tomato paste
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • 500 ml tomato broth or 4 large scalded and peeled tomatoes
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • Salt, pepper, a little sugar and a bay leaf.

Optional: a whole egg or just the egg yolk.

Method of preparation

Finely chop the onion and fry in a little oil. Add a pinch of salt over the onion and leave until translucent. Add the dried rice over the onion and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add a few tablespoons of water and let the rice and onion boil for a while, until the rice absorbs all the water, about a minute. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

Place the minced meat in a large bowl. When the rice and onion have cooled, add it over the meat, and put the spices, salt, pepper, paprika, finely chopped greens, egg or just the yolk, tomato paste and mix everything very well until you get a homogeneous composition.

Stuffed peppers

How to prepare stuffed peppers for the oven

Wash the peppers and cut a cap on top, near the stalks, then carefully remove the seeds. Add with a spoon a part of the composition of minced meat and rice in the pepper, but without filling them completely, because the rice will swell during cooking and still needs space. Depending on your preferences and taste, you can cover the pepper meat on top with a lid made of a thin slice of tomato.

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How to make juice from fresh tomatoes

If you want to make a sauce from fresh tomatoes, you have to wash the tomatoes and increase them a little with a knife. Put boiling water in a small bowl and soak each tomato in water for about 10 seconds. Remove from the water and allow to cool, then peel. Put the boiled tomatoes in a blender and make a sauce. You can also use broth from the box if you prefer.

Peppers stuffed with minced meat and rice are placed in a larger tray on the bottom of which you put 2 tablespoons of oil. Place them next to each other, and add the tomato sauce on top to cover all the peppers. Fill with a little more water if needed. Add a little salt, bay leaves and bake for about 60 minutes at 180 degrees C.

Halfway through the cooking time, open the oven and the stuffed peppers are turned on the other side to cook evenly. If the sauce drops too much, you can add a small cup of hot water.

Stuffed peppers are served warm with sour cream on top and freshly sprinkled greens.

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Donuts stuffed with eggplant

The "canning" campaign is coming to an end. But & # 8230 even if the eggplants on the market are a bit small, they can still be used for any of the Romanian recipes that you like. Maybe even donut stuffed with eggplant, which delights any lover of unusual tastes.

I also found out the recipe one autumn, in Prejmer, where a & # 8230 canning contest for the winter took place & # 8230 knowing that the housewives there are very good at such a thing.

How to prepare the delicious recipe?

You need 30 large donuts, 15 medium eggplants, 2 kg of tomatoes, a clove of garlic, three quarters of a liter of oil, 3 tablespoons of honey, a few bay leaves, salt, pepper.

The donuts are washed and scalded for a minute. Only then is the lid cut off, cleaned of seeds and drained on a tray. The eggplants are cleaned and cut into round slices, 1 cm thick, which are fried in oil and left to drain on a board. When they have cooled, the eggplant slices are breaded with garlic and the donuts are filled with them. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add the rest of the ingredients. The donuts are put in jars, and the tomato sauce is placed on top. Seal and leave in the bain-marie for 30 minutes.

Wash the mushrooms well, clean them and boil them in salted water and lemon juice. When they are ready, drain them and let them cool.

You choose as many larger mushroom hats as you have donuts and keep them separately, cut the rest of the mushrooms into slices.

Clean the stalks and seeds, wash them and drain them. Then peel the onion, cut it into slices and mix it with the carrot, chopped mushrooms, horseradish and finely chopped celery leaves.

Fill the donut with this composition and place a mushroom hat on each donut, as a lid and place them nicely in jars. Put in a bowl on the fire all the ingredients for the marinade (1 l of vinegar, 3 l of water, 200 g of salt, 100 ml of oil and bay leaves to taste) and let it boil for a few minutes.

Set the dish aside, after it has cooled, add 50 g of crushed garlic and mix well. Carefully pour the marinade into the jars placed on a tray, staple them and sterilize them for 35 minutes.

Donuts stuffed with red cabbage

Donuts stuffed with red cabbage are one of the most popular and tasty pickles and go well with any dish, especially seasoned with a pork steak. In addition, to pickle donuts stuffed with red cabbage you do not need too many ingredients or too much time, in other words it is a pickle recipe available to anyone.

Donuts stuffed with red cabbage are best dipped in vinegar, but there are also recipes with brine combined with vinegar, these being preferred if capsicum is used instead of donuts. Also, instead of red cabbage you can use white cabbage or you can combine the two, adding grated carrot for more color.

Careful! The recipe for donuts stuffed with red cabbage that we propose is calculated for 5 kg of donuts and a jar of about 5 liters.

Method of preparation:

  1. Choose donuts without stains and blows and wash with cold water.
  2. Remove the spine and seeds, taking care not to break the donut.
  3. Chop the red cabbage, preferably as small as possible.
  4. Grate the carrots and celery and mix with the red cabbage.
  5. Add salt to taste and knead the composition.
  6. The composition is left to soak for an hour, so that the donuts filled with red cabbage are as fragile as possible after they die.
  7. The donuts are filled with the obtained composition, thickening as much as possible.
  8. During this time boil the vinegar mixed with 3 liters of water.
  9. Add sugar and salt.
  10. The donuts filled with red cabbage are placed in the jar.
  11. Cut the horseradish into large pieces and add over the donuts filled with red cabbage, along with the bay leaves and pepper.
  12. Pour the hot vinegar over the donuts filled with red cabbage and staple the lid.
  13. Store in a cool, dry place.

Advice: Donuts filled with red cabbage will be even tastier if a spoonful of honey is added instead of a spoonful of sugar. Also, to enhance the taste and get a special flavor, the gaps left between the donuts filled with red cabbage can be covered with white grapes and carrot slices, and above the donuts can be placed apple slices as a lid.