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Fried sandwiches

Fried sandwiches

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Fried sandwiches recipe of 16-11-2018

THE fried sandwiches are the recipe I have saved for you for this weekend. They are prepared with pizza or bread dough and, after being divided into several parts, it will be left to rise further before being cooked in boiling oil. For their filling I chose the smoked cheese and salami, obviously you can opt for anything you want or that you already have at home. It is true, i fried sandwiches they are not very light but how good are they !? Once in a while it is almost a duty to indulge in something fried, and now that you know how do you make fried sandwiches you just have to try them, let me know who loved them most of all;)


How to make fried sandwiches

Divide the leavened pizza dough into two parts.
Form six balls on each side and let rise for another 1 hour.

Heat abundant oil in a saucepan and fry the various balls of dough until golden brown.
Lift them gradually, put them on absorbent paper and add salt immediately.

Then cut the sandwiches and stuff them with a slice of smoked cheese and a slice of salami.

Your fried sandwiches are ready to be enjoyed.

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