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Banana ice-cream

Banana ice-cream

Banana Ice Cream Recipe by of 12-05-2016 [Updated on 24-05-2016]

When they pointed out the recipe to prepare the banana ice-cream instant, I didn't believe my eyes. Is it possible that with a single ingredient and a blender it was possible to make a fresh and creamy ice cream in 2 minutes? Obviously I tested the thing and the answer to my doubt is Yes! Just freeze the bananas for a few hours, cut them into slices, give them a puree of mixer and voilà, express banana ice cream ready to be enjoyed! I read that in theory it would be possible to make ice cream with all the fruit in this way, but I don't know if it would have the same creaminess that banana gives. In any case, the recipe is very clever and must be tried, and also it is a way to make children eat fruit, thus serving a healthy and delicious snack, you can also choose whether to serve your ice cream with nature or with the addition of a pour of nutella and almonds as I did. That's all for today, I greet you and wish you a sweet afternoon: *

  • Ingredients for 2 people:


How to make banana ice cream

First put 2 whole bananas (with all the peel) in the freezer for at least 4-5 hours.
Then take them back and peel them with the help of a knife (don't worry if the peel has turned black, it's normal).

Cut the bananas into small pieces, put them in a mixer and start blending.

Initially you will find a crumbly mixture, but by insisting at the end you will have a smooth cream.

Your banana instant ice cream is ready. You can serve it alone or garnish it with ingredients of your choice. If you do not consume it all you can put it back in the freezer, but when you take it back you will have to blend it again.

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