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Pan-fried muffins

Pan-fried muffins

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Pan-fried muffins recipe of 31-08-2016 [Updated on 24-10-2016]

The pan-fried scones are the savory variant of the Nutella scones that I proposed some time ago. they are a last minute recipe if you want to bring a snack to the table without turning on the oven and without waiting for the dough to rise. In fact, the chemical yeast will make the muffins swell during cooking making them soft and fluffy.
Once you try them, you will never leave them again, without leavening, cooked in a pan, variable in the filling and very simple and quick to make, they have become my wild card.
In short, after all this chatter, you just have to try them and tell me if I was right or not;)
I leave you the recipe and I wish you a sweet day, today here in the office we are struggling with great maneuvers of moving desks, changing chairs and unwinding of wires, a joy in practice;) Okay, I'm going, a basin: *


How to make pan-fried scones

Put the flour with the sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl.
Make a hole in the center to add the oil and water.

Now knead until you get a compact but nice soft dough.

Lightly flour a surface and roll out the dough.
Make circles with an 8 cm cookie cutter.

Now stuff half of the circles with the salami and provolone.

Take half of the remaining ones to cover the first ones, sealing the edges well with your fingers.

Lightly grease a thick-bottomed non-stick pan (I put a little oil and spread it well with a little kitchen paper) and cook the scones for about 4 minutes (on the side) or until golden brown, on a medium-low flame.

Your scones are ready to be brought to the table, both hot and lukewarm.

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